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Gold Loan is a service in which you can use gold ornaments as collateral in return of loan amount. Gold Loan Interest Rates are low in comparison to other services like personal loan, as it is a secured service. Also, this loan is provided for a given tenure, which means if the applicant is not able to repay the loan in that preset period. Then, the gold ornaments kept as the lending institution confiscates security.


Interest rates of Gold Loan in Madurai       

The loan is available at lesser interest rates. The rate of interest running in financial institutions is 10.70%. The interest rates on a gold loan are less from another type of loans. The financial institutions have some pre-closure charges, which is ranging between 0-2 %. The loan is provided to customers at less than 1% per month rate of interest.

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Benefits of Gold Loan Madurai   

Firstly, the gold loan involves less documentation as compared to other types of loan.

Furthermore, the rates of interest are low on gold loan.

No processing fee involves in the gold loan.

If the applicant has a bad CIBIL score, then also banks provide a loan.

Eligibility of Gold Loan Madurai        

If the customer is in urgent need of money, then the gold loan is, but it has some eligibility criteria:

First a fall, the applicant should have Indian citizenship.

After that, the age of the customer should be not less than 18 years and not more than 65 years.

The borrower needs to have pure gold, and the gold has to be more than 10 grams.

Furthermore, the minimum amount of loan is Rs.18000.

At last, the purity of gold should be 18 to 22 carrots.

Why Gold Loan Jodhpur?

The gold loan service is very portable, and whenever the customer wants to loan, it is easily availed.

There is minimal documentation in gold loan and quick disbursement, which make it even more accessible and preferable.

Most noteworthy, in the gold loan, you have to pledge your gold ornaments to the lender, and you can easily take the loan amount from them.

Documents required for Gold Loan Madurai   

Identity Proof: First of all, the customer should need following documents anyone of the given proof is accepted by the banks such as Aadhaar Card/Ration card/Driving License/Voters Card.

Residence Proof: After that, the borrower should require the following proofs of residence to get a gold loan such as Ration Card/Aadhaar Card/Electricity Bill on the name of the applicant of last three months.

The applicant has two passport size photos.

Signature Proof: Driving License/Banker’s verification cheque/Passport Copy. is the best platform to apply for a Gold Loan in Madurai   

During the times of financial crises, to meet emergency gold loan is one of the best means of raising the capital that can be used during urgency.

The applicant can get all access to his/her queries on

There is no need to visit different sites to apply for the gold loan by

Now take a loan against gold ornaments from and get relieved of the gold loan hassles. Gold Loan s Gold loan portfolio is the largest around the globe. You can pledge your gold jewellery and avail the gold loan easily.


Gold Loan in Madurai Procedure             

Firstly, the borrower has to visit.

The applicant fills the application form with detailed information to get a gold loan.

Besides that, the applicant has to fill the contact number.

At last, the borrowers get a call from the bank if the applicant is eligible for gold loan.

Is gold loan Secured?

Gold Loan is a loan which involves gold material that can be used as security with the banks until the borrower repays the loan amount to the institutions within the loan tenure period. Gold loan is the most popular financial good that is currently ruling the loan market and benefiting the borrowers as well. The financial institution is fully responsible for the security of the gold.

 About Madurai

Madurai is located on the banks of the river Vaigai. This city is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu. When it comes to the business, the industries in this city are primarily engaged in the production of Automobile, Rubber and Chemicals. Rice paddies are the major crop produced here along with cotton grown in few regions. This city has many temples along with some tourist destinations such as hirumalai Nayak Palace and the very famous Gandhi Memorial museum.